Mediation. The smart process.

Mediation. The smart process.

Where people come together, interests collide. If these interests diverge too much, conflict becomes inevitable. Many a conflict ends in a courtroom, but once a judge’s verdict has been spoken, most bridges tend to be burned for good – at immense economic cost for a company.

Crisis and conflict management - Anke Stein

Your problems. My services and solutions.

Your Problems. My services and solutions.

Problems, conflict, escalation: Particularly in business, points of friction tend to arise. When teams drift apart or the management and works council fail to find common ground, it’s no time for throwing stones, but rather time to bring in a new stone — me (my last name, Stein, means stone in German). In other words, I’ll step in to initiate a solution process together with all parties involved. Strategic discussions at the board level naturally benefit from my experience, as do negotiations regarding company successions.

And then, of course, there’s always the conflict bubbling within ourselves, too – such as: How can I make decisions? How can I find the motivation to take my next career step? How will I deal with a serious illness?

My expertise is rooted in the wealth of experience I’ve accumulated over the course of my career as a business mediator – and it will be my pleasure to share it with you and your employees:

  • A problem at management level

    The possible solution: Mediation

  • A team communication problem

    The possible solution: Training

  • A motivation problem

    The possible solution: Training/consulting

  • A company succession problem

    The possible solution: Mediation

  • Problem auf Geschäftsführungs-Ebene

    Lösungsmöglichkeit: Mediation

  • Problem bei der Teamkommunikation

    Lösungsmöglichkeit: Training

  • Problem bei der Motivation

    Lösungsmöglichkeit: Training / Beratung

  • Problem bei der Unternehmensnachfolge

    Lösungsmöglichkeit: Mediation


If common sense and the will to find a solution come together, there’s a significant chance that an agreement can be found. After all, we rarely differ from one another as much as our emotions would have us believe.


Infotainment for your event: Learn about the pitfalls and opportunities of conflict management; new motivational ideas will provide lasting inspiration to your audience.


Your employees will benefit from strategies that enable them to succeed in customer negotiations. Your teams will become more efficient – and your company, more successful.


Personal development is the pinnacle of change: Let me support your change processes and create guidelines for solving the conflicts that regularly arise as part of this change.

The bedrock of my expertise

The bedrock of my expertise

  • Mediation

    When negotiations – no matter how complex – have reached a standstill, I call the parties to the table and take over procedural sovereignty. I act in an impartial manner, which is why the decision-making authority always remains in the hands of the parties.

  • Communication and negotiation

    It’s not what you say, but how you say it. While brilliant arguments certainly are a good thing, it’s the right mix of solid negotiating skills and a willingness to compromise that offers the best chance of success.

  • Crisis and conflict management

    Many crises are “home-grown.” By definition, crises always come to an end, but what exactly this end looks like depends solely upon your company’s response.

  • Team development (international and intercultural)

    It’s a well-known fact that teams are put together according to “arranged marriage” principles. Nevertheless, numerous parameters can promote collaboration – provided you know how to adjust them in the right way.

  • Motivation

    Why do employees need to be motivated in the first place? Shouldn’t complete dedication be a matter of course? Everyone has highly specific expectations of the people around them, and if these expectations are met, no further efforts to motivate them are required. As we all know, however, life isn’t always so simple.

  • Supporting change processes

    Technical progress is forcing us all to embrace change. Yet, when long-standing company structures fall victim to this kind of change, it’s often met with a lack of understanding. It’s when the defenders of the old and the proclaimers of the new find common ground that progress can be made – and can garner everyone’s support.

  • Developing and implementing conflict management systems

    Internal disputes have real consequences: a lack of collaboration, bullying, high levels of sick leave. A conflict management system increases productivity and reduces error rates.

  • Consultation in difficult situations

    Day-to-day business is marked by a variety of challenges and opinions. Let me provide you with guidance during strategy discussions, contract negotiations and disputes with business and contractual partners, shareholders and employees.

  • Health and burnout prevention coaching

    Serious illnesses have a way of turning life upside down. I teach mind strengthening strategies to promote self-healing and challenge mindsets and priorities.

  • Mediation

    Wenn Verhandlungen – unabhängig von ihrer Komplexität – zum Stillstand gekommen sind, rufe ich die Parteien an den runden Tisch und übernehme die Verfahrenshoheit. Ich handle allparteilich, weshalb die Entscheidungshoheit stets in den Händen der Parteien verbleibt.

  • Kommunikation und Verhandlung

    Der Ton macht die Musik. Brillante Argumente sind aber auch nicht zu verachten. Die richtige Mischung aus Verhandlungsgeschick und Kompromissbereitschaft hat die besten Aussichten auf Erfolg.

  • Krisen- und Konfliktmanagement

    Viele Krisen sind hausgemacht. Krisen haben zwar per definitionem immer auch ein Ende, aber wie dieses Ende aussieht, hängt einzig und allein von der Reaktion Ihres Unternehmens ab.

  • Teamentwicklung (international und interkulturell)

    Teams werden bekanntlich nach dem Prinzip der Zwangsehe zusammengestellt. Trotzdem gibt es zahlreiche Stellschrauben, die Zusammenarbeit fördern – vorausgesetzt, man kennt die Drehrichtung.

  • Motivation

    Warum müssen Mitarbeiter eigentlich motiviert werden? Sollte voller Einsatz nicht selbstverständlich sein? Jeder Mensch hat ganz persönliche Erwartungen an sein Umfeld, und wenn diese erfüllt werden, ist jede weitere Form von Motivation obsolet. Aber das Leben ist bekanntlich kein Wunschkonzert.

  • Begleitung von Change Prozessen

    Der technische Fortschritt zwingt uns alle zum Mitziehen. Sobald bewährte Strukturen in Unternehmen diesem Fortschritt zum Opfer fallen, stößt das auf Unverständnis. Wenn die Verteidiger des Alten und die Proklamierer des Neuen Schnittmengen finden, entsteht Fortschritt, den alle mittragen.

  • Entwicklung und Implementierung von Konfliktmanagementsystemen

    Innerbetriebliche Streitigkeiten haben Folgen: mangelnde Zusammenarbeit, Mobbing, hohe Krankenstände. Ein Konfliktmanagementsystem erhöht die Produktivität und senkt Fehlerraten.

  • Beratung in schwierigen Situationen

    Strategiegesprächen, Vertragsverhandlungen und Auseinandersetzungen mit Geschäfts- und Vertragspartnern,  Gesellschaftern und Mitarbeitern.

  • Gesundheits- und Überlastungscoaching

    Schwere Krankheiten stellen das Leben mitunter auf den Kopf. Ich vermittle mentale Strategien zur Förderung der Selbstheilungskräfte und hinterfrage Mindsets und Prioritäten.

My personal stepping STONE

My personal stepping STONE

STONES that cause us to trip in life can often be stepping stones that set us off on a new thought process that leads to further change. In my case, it was being diagnosed with cancer that turned my life upside down and gave me time to reflect on the importance of living a life of positive psychology. It made me realize that difficult situations, challenges and ambivalences of any kind can only be mastered if you actually believe in a solution. Equally important is the willingness to deal with each STONE in the mosaic of one’s own problems and to approach them with determination and care.

My motto:
Go for it – go for your goal!

You have the floor …

„Tell me, Ms. Stein, how do you know when you’ve successfully done your job?”

„When I’ve helped you maneuver through your crisis so effectively that you stop booking my services ..“

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