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“transparent communication” – INSIGHTS FROM PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE

For 13 years now, I’ve been working as a freelance crisis and conflict manager in the German business world and abroad. As such, I support executives, teams and organizations at all management levels around issues such as employee motivation, employee retention, culture development as well as conflict resolution and crisis management. In most cases, there’s […]

Self-efficacy and empowerment DURING uncertain times

In my current video series, I’m looking at a model that can prove helpful for dealing with stabilizing factors during uncertain times. We already have two years of global pandemic behind us, marked by restrictions, social distancing requirements and fear, too. The current geopolitical situation has only further aggregated these feelings.  As I explained in […]

Good communication in an online setting

Hello to you and all the best for a happy and healthy 2022! And of course, let me also welcome you to part four of our “Good communication in an online setting” blog series. This time, I’d once again like to address some of the special aspects of the various communication levels – tonal and […]