My “Go for it Academy” went online in early January 2023. The Academy’s first course to be offered is the “MediationsRefresher.” And people keep asking me what exactly it is and more importantly, what it’s for. I’d like to answer these questions for you in today’s blog.

For more than ten years, I’ve been working as a lecturer and examiner at the FernUniversität Hagen (distance learning university) in the area of training and education for mediators. I enjoy this work immensely because it allows me to focus on my great passion: mediation. The wonderful thing about it is that not only can I dive into my favorite topic this way, but that I can also spend time with numerous students who are as passionate about the mediation process as I am.

One problem that already existed when I myself attended and completed this great training program at the FernUniversität Hagen, often persists today: Students postpone entering the market after successfully completing the program, either for personal reasons or because they’re faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges when it comes acquiring suitable conflict cases. And, as time passes, their expertly content knowledge fades and the courage to actively enter the market dwindles.

I understand these feelings very well, as I felt the same in 2006. At the time, I would have loved to be able to refresh all of my specialist knowledge so that I could be more confident in my interactions with clients and more courageous in my approach.

It is this dilemma that I would like to resolve now, because one thing is completely clear to me: There’s a great need for more great and passionate mediators. The process of mediation and the attitude of the mediator are precisely the right tools for resolving many of today’s challenges.

The MediationRefresher, with its numerous videos and handouts, provides a complete review of all basic mediation knowledge, as well as content for specific settings and situations that mediators are faced with in their daily work. This applies not only to conducting mediations, but also to the mediator’s own market presence and to client acquisition. Throughout the course, the entire content is illustrated through practical examples and experiences from mediations, to make applying the acquired knowledge graspable and to facilitate the transfer from theory to practice.

As I believe that the attitude of the mediator is an essential factor in the success of the process, coaching exercises are provided for mediators to reflect on themselves and improve their own attitude.

The knowledge offered is supplemented by additional monthly videos and documents, often at the specific request of participants, so as to give them immediate and concrete answers to “burning” questions.

Who is it for? For all mediators who want to refresh or deepen their knowledge and, above all, continue to work on concrete questions so as to develop further.

I invite you to take a look here: And as ever, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

In that spirit, go for it,

Your Crisis Manager

It’s done. I’ve created the © Go For It Academy. It went live on January 8, 2023.

Now you’re probably wondering what it’s all about and what I’m trying to accomplish with it. Let me explain.

Those of you who know me probably also know that I don’t view what I do as work, but rather as an opportunity to pursue my passion each and every day. And that has been the case ever since I quit my job as an employee. Since then, I’ve been driven by countless visions, but also by the great joy of tackling challenges with a solution-oriented approach and helping people overcome them.

I myself have also been faced with many challenges in my life. Some of them I asked for and brought upon myself, such as quitting a secure job, others fell into my path unasked, such as my cancer diagnosis, which catapulted me into palliative status.

But no matter what I’ve gone through in my life, I’ve always waded through it with a solution and a purpose in mind, and I have gone through many a learning curve.

These challenges have changed me, helped me better define my personality, and have had a significant impact on the level of effectiveness I achieve with my clients.

Since starting my own business, I have felt the need to help other people deal with challenges and to sharpen their knowledge, perspective and action radius in a solution-oriented manner. It gives me great pleasure to focus on people in difficult situations and conversations, in conflicts and crises, in negotiations and change processes, and to support them in overcoming them.

The pandemic situation presented me with another challenge: technology. And once again, I was able to learn and grow. The result is the © Go For It Academy.

The Academy offers various types of learning content focused on the above-mentioned topics. They give participants the opportunity to learn at their own pace, at their own time, at home on the computer or on the go via an app, to get impulses, learn techniques and methods, and generate self-effective solutions. Supported by regular ZOOM meetings, virtual coaching sessions as well as face-to-face events, the process is designed to enable everyone reach their full potential and overcome personal obstacles at any time.

The © Go For It Academy has started off with a Mediation Refresher for trained mediators. It provides a review of mediation theory and puts into practice with videos, text prompts and exercises. Aspects of marketing, acquisition and personality development methods for mediators round off the picture. If you’re interested in this course, please contact me.

More course units and topics are in development. I will keep you informed.

In this spirit, 

Go for it,

Your Crisis Manager